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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Advice for teens


     Hi guys.... How are you? Are you happy? I hope so.. Okay, Today I wanna talk about problem or tension or trouble... ^^ !
When you or your friends are in trouble and have a problem, here are some things you can do :

 * Listen to Al-Quran or read.
 * Zikr (anything) and Solat Taubat.
 * Listen to music and try to relax.
 * Write the problem on a piece of paper. Then make a list of things
    you can do and put them in order.
 * Don't eat a lot of food - it doesn't make you feel better.
 * Don't sit in the house.
 * Go for a walk - exercise is good for you.
 * Talk to a friend about your problem.

     What can you do when a friend has a problem ? Here are some ideas :

 * Listen to your friend - don't speak a lot.
 * Ask question. Help your friend to talk openly.
 * Your friend's problem is private. Don't tell other people about it.

     Okay , I hope the advise can help you.
Check it out. Bye. ^^ !

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