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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sad and Cry


Hi everyone! ^^ How are you? I'm fine but tired. Over here, the weather its very hot! I don't like. A few days ago, I choked on a fishbone. So I almost lost my voice. Then I just prayer to Allah and I said '' O Allah, I know I have sins, that's why I was choked fishbone. " Half a past hour , my pharynx be normal, but the fishbone is in chest. I'm scared because I don't want to get a disease. :'(  ! Alhamdulillah I have mom which always gives support. She said '' Honey, be patient, it will be fishbones will rot whatsoever." so my heart was relieved when I heard these words.  Thank you Allah for my mother. ^^ !

Today I go to class English. But when I go to class I can not to answer the question. Maybe I do not focus in class, I don't know why what happen for me. and today I felt unhappy but who?? hmmm, never mind! Sometimes I want to someone in my life and talking with me. ' O Allah, what happen for me, I'm sick or what? '  I try to smile but can't. :'(  !

I wanna cry ! Okay I have to go bed and cry , see you soon .

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