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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cry A Woman


     Hi guys! How are you? Are you happy there? I hope so.. ^^ ! Today I wanna talk about why woman cry. Now you can read this story.. ^^ !


     A little boy asked his mother,  "Mommy, why are you crying?". And she replied, "Because I am woman". "But I don't understand mom". The mother leaned over to him, hugged him and said: " My love, you would never understand !
      Later the little boy asked his father, " Daddy, why Mom sometimes cries, for no reason?" The man replied: "All women always cry for no reason"

     It was all that the father was able to respond the little boy grew into a man. And, from time to time, made himself the question: "Why do women cry without reason for this?"

     One day this man read the book about woman,

"Why do women cry so ease?". "When, had to do something very special. Her shoulders strong enough to withstand any of the weight of the world. Yet soft enough to comfort him! Her an immense inner strength, that he might bear pains of motherhood and the contempt that often comes from their own children! I gave him the strength that allows him to continue always to take care of his family, without complaint, despite illness and fatigue, even when others give the points! Her sensitivity to love her children under any circumstances, even when these kids have really hurt. This sensitivity allows you to chase away any sadness, crying or child's suffering, and share the anxieties, doubts and fears of adolescence!

      "Now I understand the feeling of my mother, my sister, my wife. Thank you Allah.. " -end-

So think it ! Hope you enjoy this story , And my english sucks sorry guys.
Check it out, bye !


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