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Sunday, July 29, 2012

My knees


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Hi everyone .. How was your day? Hope everything going well as what you plan and wish for, InshaAllah. Ok today I want to talk about ' my knees' . I'm ill.... ( only my knees because I play rollerblade to practice about slalom double crazy so my knees also crazy hahaha ^^ ! )  

Oh my knees 

I'm sorry I've done this to you. You hurt. I know you do. You have to haul all this extra weight around and you just don't like it. You don't like it when I exercise, but I have to, so that eventually you won't have to carry such a heavy load. You especially don't like stairs. I'm so sorry I thought I was invincible and that there would be no consequences to each individual choice I made. 
But I know better now. 
Each choice I made is added to each other choice I made. And now you hurt. 

Dear Knees,
I'm so sorry. 
I'm trying to fix it. You inspire me and motivate me to fix what's broken about me, so that you won't be broken. 


Ok bye .. Oh, Don't forget to make a smile for everyone yeah! ^^ !

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